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Dorothy Hull Library - Windsor Charter Township

Library Policies

Dorothy Hull Library Policies
  • Children and the Library

    Dorothy Hull Library Children and the Library Policy

    application/pdf Children.pdf — 49 KB

  • Circulation Policy

    A policy describing circulation material limits and check out periods, and any associated fines and fees.

    application/pdf Circulation Policy final.pdf — 57 KB

  • Collection Development Policy

    Policy describing the ongoing process of reviewing materials for keeping or purchasing

    application/pdf collection development final.pdf — 84 KB

  • Emergency Closure Policy

    Policy to determine criteria for an emergency closure of the library

    application/pdf Emergency Closure policy.pdf — 76 KB

  • Gifts Policy

    Policy explaining what happens with gifts given to the library

    application/pdf gifts.pdf — 64 KB

  • Health Emergency Policy

    Policy describing what to do in the event of a health emergency in the library

    application/pdf health emergency.pdf — 74 KB

  • Internet and Computer Use Policy

    Policy addressing computer use and Internet use in the library

    application/pdf Computer Use Policy.pdf — 78 KB

  • Patron Behavior Policy

    Dorothy Hull Library Patron Behavior Policy

    application/pdf Behavior.pdf — 68 KB

  • Personnel Policy

    Policy outlining the hiring of new staff and provided benefits

    application/pdf Personnel Policy final.pdf — 74 KB

  • Photocopier Policy

    Policy addressing photocopying services provided by the library

    application/pdf Photocopier Policy.pdf — 61 KB

  • Record Retention Policy

    Policy regard keeping and disposing of public records

    application/pdf Record Retention & Disposal Policy final.pdf — 61 KB

  • Sexual Harrassment Policy

    Policy instructing staff on handling situations involving sexual harrassment

    application/pdf Sexual Harassment Final.pdf — 77 KB

  • Social Media Policy

    Policy outlining the library's social media presence

    application/pdf social media policy.pdf — 76 KB

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