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New books for kids

"Not Your Nest" by Gideon Sterer: Bird thinks she has built the perfect nest, but everyone else does too! What will she do?

"Fear the Bunny" by Richard T. Morris: A cute and hilarious tale of a tiger who is not the most feared animal in his jungle.

New books for Teens

"How to Make Friends With the Dark" by Kathleen Glasgow. When Tiger's mom dies, she is left alone with her grief. Read this new book to find out how she copes.

"We Set the Dark On Fire" by Tehlor Kay Mejia. In a futuristic world where women are given 2 job options, Dani decides to join the resistance. Find out what happens in this first book in a duology.

Homework Help

We have an extensive collection of Web sites that can help you with a wide range of subjects you may be researching for school assignments. Check out our Homework Help page for your online research and homework help!